Author - Moses

2DM Introduces Graphene and Its Applications in Mandarin

We are proud to deliver one of our first webcasts on Graphene and its applications in Mandarin to our chinese audience! Thanks to our partners CITIC and CBMM, we successfully delivered our first Mandarin webcasts last Friday.

High Performance Graphene – First Batch Ready to Ship

We are proud to announce that the first orders of high quality graphene, produced at our brand new commercial plant, are ready to be shipped to our customers!

2DM Investor – Mr. Rodrigo to Speak at TEC Meeting

2DM investor CBMM’s Mr Rodrigo to speak on Graphene at TEC Meeting by SAE Brazil

2DM is Top 5 Carbon Allotropes Startups – Startus Insights

2DM is listed in the top 5 Carbon Allotropes Startups in a study by Startus Insights!